Oct 15, 2015

"True and Pure Equality" Requires Drafting Young Women to Fight

Contemporary feminism is a form of radical egalitarianism, ignoring God's Word to recreate the world in the image of envious and sinful humanity. Radical egalitarianisms oppose and seek to force the overthrow of all providentially established differences in sex (feminism), property (communism), nation (cosmopolitans, internationalists, the open-borders movement) or any other kind of established social hierarchy. The blood of egalitarianism's victims from Robespierre through to Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot cries out with millions and millions of voices to testify against the murderous evil of these egalitarian movements.

Women will eventually have to register for the draft if "true and pure equality" is to be realized in the U.S. military, Army Secretary John McHugh said Monday. "If your objective is true and pure equality then you have to look at all aspects" of the roles of women in the military, McHugh said, and registration for the draft "will be one of those things. That will have to be considered." 
When did the U.S. military, the bulwark against communism, become an engine to enforce "true and pure" equality? True and pure equality always requires true and pure totalitarianism. To overcome the real created differences among humanity always requires more and more government control. Will pregnant young women also be drafted? Will young women be compelled to remain childless so that they can fight? Will they be forced to undergo hormone replacement so that they are stronger and faster? Will public schools be forced to reeducate America concerning the duties of men to die to protect women?

Will U.S. fathers and mothers fear enemies of their nation more or the nation that forces their daughters to the battlefield? How will men who, purportedly rejecting "truth and purity," want to protect their wives, sisters and daughters be able to organize their protection through their government if the government insists on drafting their wives, sisters and daughters? What will it mean to fight for home if your wife, sister and daughter have been also forced to fight?

These are heavy questions, which McHugh's replacement will have to face. Do you think they will be considered in a way that honors and respects Christian beliefs about human sexuality and the right moral relation between men and women? Obama is currently touting the progressiveness of his nomination of Eric Fanning, who will be the first openly gay military secretary as the replacement for McHugh. What an ideal way to assure the American people that the U.S. military will implement its policies with respect and tolerance for the moral values of America's Christian peoples!

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  1. Forcing our daughters into military conscription completely contrary to our beliefs about femininity, womanhood, and in their prime childbearing years, is the biggest act of provocation from the revolution yet. Unto civil disobedience...?