Oct 15, 2015

Statement Calling for Constitutional Resistance to Obergefell v. Hodges 

Sixty brave and good U.S. legal scholars have raised a banner for constitutional resistance to the Obergefell decision. Here's the statement. Here's a brief description:
The legal scholars called on all state and federal officeholders: 
To refuse to accept Obergefell as binding precedent for all but the specific plaintiffs in that case. 
To recognize the authority of states to define marriage, and the right of federal and state officeholders to act in accordance with those definitions. 
To pledge full and mutual legal and political assistance to anyone who refuses to follow Obergefell for constitutionally protected reasons. 
To open forth with a broad and honest conversation on the means by which Americans may constitutionally resist and overturn the judicial usurpations evident in Obergefell.
This is very important. Good for the people at the American Principles Project.

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