Apr 27, 2016

Worse than Infidels: Christian Aspirational Aping Of Elite Oikophobia As Apostasy

Love in the Oikos:
The First Practice of Christian Religion: to Reject the Oikos is Apostasy.
The habitual rite of the Human-Rights Religion worships it's own god in place of God. It's god is also praised as "love": the love that leaps over one's own for others -- neglecting one's own family, nation, church, neighbors, friends -- love only outside one's own "oikos."

Do not join this anti-oikic apostasy for it worships a deformed god of deformed love with a deformed gospel:
"we can have a family of man if only we will pay no special regard to our own families." "we can have perfect limitless love if only we will eradicate all particular local loves." "we can have the perfect nation by ignoring our own, negating our nation."
The god whom they worship is no father and offers to save mankind without a son because it does not inspirate all relationships; it destroys local relationships rather than growing larger loves from within them. And, this god itself does not offer any special relationship, only commands that we do not form a special relationship with any god, any family, any nation. All gods, all families, all religions, all nations, all are to be treated by you equally; that is, equally abolished as an object of special duty, equalized into the homogeneous whole. The yoke is light; give up special labors for one's own; stop prioritizing one's own over another. In return, individual rights.

"Oikos" is the Greek term used in Scripture to mean several related things. By expanding metonymy, it signifies a house, a household, a family, like the blood line of David, or an ethnic nation, like Israel. Paul, for example, speaks of practical love for kin and family in terms of care for oikos and failure of oikophilia (practical love of family) as apostasy (faith denial):
1Ti 5:8 If any one does not provide for his own, and especially for his own family [oikos], he has disowned the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
Paul says neglect of the oikos is Christian apostasy, rejection of one's faith, and leaves one worse than one who does not believe.

Apr 24, 2016

Virginia Gov: Murderers' Voting Strengthens Democracy

Democracy: McAuliffe Raised $275,000,000 for the Clintons and now 206,000 Felon Voters for Hillary
Pr 17:15 He that justifies the wicked, and he that condemns the just, they both are an abomination to the LORD.
Pr 24:24 He that says to the wicked, You are righteous; him the people shall curse, nations shall abhor him.
Another U.S. political leader has furthered the corruption of the body politic with mass amnesty, relying on false arguments about law and justice to support the treatment of those guilty of crimes in the same manner as those who are not. Citizenship is demeaned where its powers are distributed without respect to the crimes of citizens so that the innocent and the guilty are treated alike. Justice is dimmed where the interests of felons are considered but not the interests of non-felon citizens. Democracy is undermined where discretionary amnesty constitutionally limited to individual consideration of cases is used to influence political outcomes.

Some background: Friday, Virginia's Governor Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, granted a general clemency, or amnesty as such general acts of un-individualized oblivion are usually called. It applies to all 206,000 Virginia violent and nonviolent felons, regardless of the character or severity of their crime, who have currently concluded the imprisonment or supervised probationary phases of their punishment. But amnesty is not otherwise confined, e.g., limited to those who have paid the restitution owed to criminal victims or fines required by their sentences. In other words, portions of the non-custodial criminal sentence may be outstanding and the amnesty still applies.

The amnesty was made without any particular consideration of individual cases.  The amnesty is directed and limited to the termination of certain aspects of the felons continuing punishment after incarceration or supervised probation, e.g., it doesn't end the penal obligation to pay restitution or fines. McAuliffe has framed the amnesty publicly as focused on voting rights, which under all previous practice of Virginia law could only be restored after individual petition to the governor and after consideration of the particular case.

Apr 21, 2016

Jack Lew Endorses Radical Christian Direct Action and Violent Insurrection Against Injustice?

Tubman: Christian Insurrectionist to be Honored
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had previously announced his decision to replace a dead white male president with a woman on U.S. paper currency. Hamilton was initially to be the sacrifice, but  Lew indicated Hamilton on the Ten was saved by a Broadway musical.

So, deferring to lovers of show tunes, Lew has now announced that Andrew Jackson -- whose resume includes being teenage veteran of the Revolutionary War (when, in addition to gaining a nasty saber scar, he lost his mother as a military nurse to cholera and both brothers to battle and imprisonment); leader of many now embarrassing military campaigns on behalf of his country; founder of the Democratic Party back when it opposed the banking interests; President; in short, just another very-white-very-male doubleplusungood populist whose sacrifices and achievements aren't the kind we honor anymore -- is to be relegated from the Twenty in favor of Harriet Tubman. As a woman and African-American, she starts at doubleplusgood and moves up from there for her direct action against injustice as conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Despite the bizarre selection criteria for choosing whom to replace, Lew has made a very interesting selection for whom to honor. Lew has explained that his selection of Tubman was strongly influenced by last year's book by Prof. Catherine Clinton: Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom. As Lew observes, and I confirmed while perusing Clinton's book, the real Tubman, while not Nat Turner, was also not at all the M.L.K.-style peaceful civil resister we all read so many required hagiographical books about in elementary school. For one thing, I was surprised to learn that she was a Christian prophetess, moved and moving others with her accounts of visions, dreams, premonitions and words from God to take direct action against the state and slaveholders.

Apr 16, 2016

Republican Billionaire Governor Vetoes Bible, Corporate Subsidies Continue

Haslam Turns Away from Voters
The Republican Establishment continues to do everything possible to ensure the nomination of an anti-establishment Republican candidate for President. It appears that they have decided to project palpably to the public constant contempt concerning anything besides benefiting big business.

Apparently, feeling left out by the crowd of Republican governors who vetoed religious-freedom legislation in response to pro-homosexualist corporate boycotts, Tennessee's billionaire Republican governor, Bill Haslam, vetoed a law honoring the Bible.

Haslam endorsed Rubio. Trump won Tennessee.

Over five years of rule, the governor has only vetoed four bills. His last big veto ended efforts to strip state funding from Vanderbilt University because of its rules requiring Christian groups to accept non-Christian leadership. Previously, he criticized and refused to sign a measure protecting teachers who want to teach the debate about global warming and evolution. Fretting about the conservatism of representatives elected by the people of Tennessee, he commented, “I think what we’ve tried to do is focus on the bigger issues that people really care about ... the most conservative principle there is, is giving people a dollar worth of value for a dollar worth of tax paid." As an example of what he thinks people care about, here's a link to his National Public Radio defense of hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate subsidies. For example, he has spent tens of millions of state dollars promoting a the Disney-ABC  "Nashville" television show created by Hollywood darling Callie Khouri, who won an Academy Award for "Thelma & Louise."

Prominent promoters of atheism, like the Freedom From Religion Foundation's president, Annie Gaylor, praised the anti-Bible veto: "...hallelujah ... I think we're turning a corner in our country that we are seeing [this from] a Republican governor in the South ... and not apologizing about it."

Indeed, we are turning a corner with Republicans and the country.

Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, was equally delighted: “We applaud Governor Haslam for his leadership ... Publicly elected government officials cannot use their official positions to favor one religious belief over another."

It's funny, but I don't remember the ACLU being upset when the USG commanded all Americans to give material and symbolic support to same-sex unions. Obviously, they must not have known that there were religious beliefs about marriage.