Apr 23, 2014

Good News From the Land of the North

Some weeks ago I posted here about the challenges to law program Trinity Western University. The government of British Columbia had approved TWU's program but gay-rights activists then took their fight to the provincial law societies.

Go here to read some good news: the law society of British Columbia voted 20-6 to permit law grads from TWU to practice their profession in that province. The solid majority in favor of freedom of associations to chart their own way is gratifying.


  1. On the other hand, one wonders what the other 6 could have been thinking.

  2. I see also that one lawyer is calling for a specisl general meeting to overturn the decision. He needs only 5% to get a meeting and a simple majority at the meeting to overturn the ruling. http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/#!/content/1.2613783

    So, the fight isn't over. Reading his open letter through the link above one wonders how any self-respecting lawyer would sign it given the personal representations of fact required. First, it does not logically follow that an attorney trained by Trinity would discriminate in the practice of law as he would have people who sign his letter claim. It's just poor logic. Second, how could anyone attest to the claim that the new program will in no way promote and improve the practice of law.

    Of course, what the lawyer is trolling for and likely to get is a binary vote which, even if he loses, will be used to demonize those who vote on the other side now and to the hundredth generation.

  3. Ontario Bar votes NO http://www.ottawacitizen.com/touch/story.html?id=9772181

    And that article mentions that the lawyer's petition to overrule the BC vote has more than 1,000 signatures. Hence they will get their general referendum. Can they carry the vote? In the new era of Brandon Eich, we'll see. They are no doubt sharpening their pitchforks for anyone who votes for TWU.

    Nova Scotia also said not unless TWU scrubs its reqs.

    But here is an interesting article in support of TWU.