Aug 13, 2010

Law School: Threat or Menace?

Should I go to law school? Where? Why?

And what about all the recent talk that law school may be just a big marketing scam?

There is so much out there on the topic, from so many different perspectives, that it's hard even to know what to read, let alone what to think. I'll try to link to as much as I can, but even that is becoming more and more difficult.

Here's a good start: two respected law professors (Richard Epstein and John Yoo) discussing the topic, ranging from the bar exam to elite law schools. It's video from Glenn Reynolds's PJTV (HT: Above the Law), entitled "Lowering the Bar: Is Law School Becoming a Fool's Errand?" The discussion of the bar exam and of the academic focus dominates most of the conversation, all of it interesting. But the last two minutes on the choice of elite law schools is also worth hearing. Unfortunately, the discussion is really limited to "top ten" schools-- I would have liked to hear these guys' thoughts on going to a lower-tiered school for free or cheap, as opposed to going to a top ten school and incurring debt.

I'd love to hear what you think after you watch. Shoot me a comment!

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