May 22, 2009

Announcing Cross & Gavel

I am excited to announce that Regent Law School and the Christian Legal Society, through ICLS, have launched Cross & Gavel, a comprehensive web resource for Christian law students and lawyers. Here's a taste of the main sections:

C&G Resources
Browse resources relating to the intersection of faith & law. Dig into the blogroll, search the web magazines and print journals for interesting articles and opinion, or look for an organization to help you fulfill your own calling in law.

C&G Nes
You'll find the latest in legal news and issues of interest to the Christian legal community. Explore links to major legal news providers, feeds updating you on current events, and a range of opinions on the news.

C&G Community
Connect to others thinking about law from a Christian perspective. If you want to find a speaker or scholar to address a particular topic, hope to start a discussion on an issue, or desire feedback on a note, essay, or article you've written, visit our community.

C&G Action
Find ways to get involved, visit our list of events that will help you engage the law faithfully. If you're looking for summer jobs, symposia, academic seminars, competitions, or essay contests, check here first.

This is an exciting project, and I'll be sharing more about it in the next few weeks.


  1. Great job, Mike. This will be a valuable resource. May God add His blessing to it!

  2. Thanks, Steve! Look forward to hearing more from you in our discussion forums!