Apr 18, 2009

Beyond Calling: Albert Pujols and First Things First

Anthony Esolen reminds us over at Touchstone about the foundation of all things: love.  

His remarks on the good work of Albert Pujols remind me that the love of the Caller precedes and sustains one's vocations, whether husband, father, philanthropist, or . . . first baseman.


  1. If I am tracking the reasoning here, love is the core principle of the moral law, which governs the moral order. The key to our making work a calling is to bring our vocations into harmony with the moral order.

  2. I like how you've put it, and I think you're precisely right. ~Mike

  3. I can see how that might apply to how we practice law. Using Proverbs-type practical wisdom, to be better lawyers and help our clients, consistent with the moral order.

    It would be interesting to examine, on particular issues, whether there is overlap between the moral order and the better features of the common law.

  4. This is a great-- and important-- point, Brit, and I'm working on a post to suggest what some of the best resources are (in my humble opinion!) for exploring the relationship between the moral order and the "better features of the common law."

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


  5. Thanks Mike!