Jun 7, 2016

The Beast Opens Its Maw

And Hillary speaks: Keep Fighting for a More Equal America is her editorial, celebrating the Democrats' tyrannical imposition of a new sexual ethos on America, as aided and abetted by the endorsing inaction of the corporatist Republican establishment. It's so unbelievably awful that you have to read it to believe it. Read it and you will understand the shamefulness of the posturing Republican elites who are to busy criticizing their own nominee instead of Hillary for making this statement.

What does she celebrate? (1) Americans aren't allowed anymore publicly to think, speak or act on sexual differences as created, natural, and a vital part of the moral, social and political order. American force mandates same-sex marriages, but prohibits same-sex showers. (2) The privacy of the family is to be destroyed by the draft of women and sending them into harm's way on the battlefield, just as abortion has destroyed the sanctity of the womb. (3) Marriage now, per Obergefell, permits no permanent covenant of procreative sexual fidelity, no permanent bond to educate children born in wedlock -- it's a insubstantial instrument of "intimacy" unrelated to anything other than the fleeting fickle fancy of subjective satisfaction between easy entry and effortless exit.

It's notable that her list of accomplishments is a list of judicial decrees and executive actions, with no popular votes mentioned -- all elite action forced on the people. Some really wonder about the rise of American populism?

It's also notable how none of the liberal platitudes of the bien pensant Republican "right" -- with their pusillanimous palaver about a "nation of propositions" instead of powerful perennial words about divine authority, people and family -- are capable of coherently responding to her radicalism. She has taken the liberal tradition of abstract egalitarian individualism -- embraced with less principle by the Republicans like Senator Sasse -- to its predetermined, logical outcome. Republicans are just begging her not to draw the logical conclusions of their own propositions.

But she does. Hillary promises to continue punishing the weak and small for the tiniest deviations from the New Morality: "there's still a great deal of work left to do. We've all read the stories about small businesses -- pizzerias, bakeries, florists -- that discriminate against LGBT customers." Yeah, we've read about people resisting the all-ordering state for Christian conscience.

We've also read about the big businesses who paid Hillary for her "speeches," benefited from her corruption as Secretary of State in selling out American interests, and bribed/blackmailed quisling Republican governors in Red States to veto religious freedom laws. She blasts Trump for not following suit: "Trump has said he would sign the First Amendment Defense Act, which would permit taxpayer-funded discrimination by those who cite religion as a reason to deny services to LGBT people nationwide." Make no mistake; there will be no protection of religious freedom under her administration.

In a time when America's growing international weakness is leading to "world disorder" and "comparative anarchy," Hillary brags about how "at the State Department" she made it a priority to attack the traditional sexual order in the rest of the world "working with global advocates and other stakeholders in encouraging countries to decriminalize same-sex relationships and supported policies that extended benefits and additional protections to LGBT individuals." That is, she threatened small countries' foreign-aid budgets unless they would impose American immorality on their own citizens. No wonder she negligently caused the death of an American ambassador and empowered anti-American radicalism; she was busy on her other priorities besides America's interests. She was bringing sexual transformation into all the world.

Too bad the traitorous Republican establishment and disloyal neocon/libertarian elites will elect her. But then, they never really opposed her, not her liberal project; they just had a different time schedule for getting us where she wants us to be. They say they are voting Bill Kristol or Sasse, but that's hiding the fact that they fundamentally don't mind Hillary's election because they think like her. They just calculate the odds differently and take money from different donors.

There is only one political right and only one political conservatism; it is the rejection of the so-called Enlightenment's revolutionary ideology of individualistic egalitariansm. All Christian ideas of order for the church, the family and the state require recognition of difference -- between God and idol, between one's own spouse and another, between one's own children and another's, one's own nation and the foreign, between others and self. Man owes duties of love to all -- hence places himself at the bottom -- but loves within the structures of ordering obligation and prioritization that God has created and redeemed in Christ. Every instantiation of Christian order requires distinction and difference, including a hierarchy of ascending responsibilities to one's own versus others. Hillary and the Republican liberals are atheistic fundamentalists of selfish disorder.

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  1. Chico and the ManJune 8, 2016 at 7:36 PM

    Tru cons are bashing the alt right currently saying true conservatism is about individuals. If so, as you say, how is it different than progressivism?