Mar 28, 2016

Mammon Went Down To Georgia, Bludgeoned Georgians With Idolatry

Gov. Deal Sacrifices Religious Liberty to Mammon:
"Fire on the Mountain; Run, boys, run!"
For those still wondering what the Republican establishment cares about, it's $$$, not religious liberty. Religious liberty must bow down before the idols of greed and sexual liberation.

Republican Governor Nathan Deal, whose office cited lost business investments, has indicated that he will veto the religious-liberty protection bill, HB 757, which was passed overwhelmingly by the Georgia Legislature. Here's the story.

Georgia was facing threats if the bill was signed from a cartel of large corporations. They promised to refuse to buy products and services in the state, including threats from the N.F.L. and the N.C.A.A. (it's March Madness!). Like Republican Governors Pence of Indiana and Brewer of Arizona, Deal has caved to the demands of big business interests.

Responding to social conservatives promising to the challenge the Governor, Deal fulminated "“I don’t respond well to insults or threats." It's odd then that he responded so well to the boycott threats of his state by his corporate donors.

Just to keep the record straight: it's now okay to threaten to refuse to do business with an entire people in a state that protect religious liberty, but it's not okay for Christians to refuse service and employment that violates their religious convictions.

Every left-wing marker is a protected status, but "citizen of a state that protects religious liberty" is not.

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