Feb 25, 2016

The Elites, Polling and Democracy

It's interesting to me that when Obergefell was being debated, the cultural aristocrats kept repeating to us all that the polls demonstrated the will of the American people. We didn't need to bother with actual voting or deliberative processes. Polls showed the wisdom of the American people, supporting progressive change. The Supreme Court had to step in and give the people what they wanted.

We hear none of that from them now that Trump is dominating national polling by 12% over the rest of the field for the Republican nomination.

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  1. Not to mention that we learned just how badly the polls had been rigged when they were give a late "adjustment" to make sure they didnt look so rediculously fake when the primary numbers came out on Trump.

    In this day and age, it may be time for direct democracy. Just let the people vote on everything.