Sep 4, 2015

Libertarian: Christians Cannot Hold Public Office in Conscience Thanks to Obergefell

Pray for Kim Davis in Prison
Here, a libertarian law professor of the Volokh Conspiracy, Jonathan Adler, joins the attack on the recently imprisoned Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. Libertarians comprise the traitor faction of the GOP that argued in favor of homosexual "marriage." They all claimed that it wouldn't affect Christians at all so "this was just a liberty issue."

But as we see in county clerk Kim Davis being imprisoned for refusing to license homosexual "marriage," legalization had an effect on Christians ....

 ..... it makes it impossible for Christians to hold public office in conscience.

Now, that they've won the radicals abandon the veil of liberty. The libertarians join the leftists in baying for the imprisonment of Christian officials following their conscience. (Somehow, libertarians don't care about the rule of law where illegal drugs and immigrants are involved.) Now, they insist that the only way for a Christian to live under the Obergefell regime is to resign public office. Now they cover over the horrendous nature of the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision, which ordered all American to give symbolic and material support for homosexuality in defiance of all divine and human order with talk of the rule of law.

Adler argues that what's being done to Davis is just the normal rule of law. And, if the Obergefell decision were a normal case and a normal decision, then Davis' resistance to it should be given the normal analysis. But everyone knows that it wasn't a normal legal decision. Adler knows it's not an ordinary decision. If the Obergefell decision is not an obviously tyrannical, unconstitutional usurpation as the Obergefell dissents maintain, then Adler's explanation of why Kim Davis is not a heroine but a simple lawbreaker is convincing. But if the dissenters are right, if Justice Kennedy obviously ignored the U.S. Constitution and imposed his law-despising will on the American people, then Adler's talk about what is normally true for the rule of law is absolutely irrelevant.

By the way, the judge who is imprisoning Davis was appointed by a Republican president, just like the author of the Obergefell decision. Trust betrayed, again and again.


  1. "I may disagree with Kennedy, but...but...but Obergefell is the law of the land," said every Cuckservative ever.

  2. This truly is only the beginning. In connection with this, a re-examination of a judge's broad discretion in civil contempt proceedings is long overdue.