Jan 8, 2014

The New 'Redeeming Law' Quartet!

I'm excited about 2014 at Redeeming Law. And I have an announcement to make!

It may surprise many readers familiar with my intermittent and sporadic blogging that I do continue to think and talk about law, vocation, and culture, even when I don't write much online. Many of the best of those conversations are informal ones, with friends and mentors sitting at leisure exploring the topics at the heart of our work with Christian law students.

I am pleased to announce that three of these colleagues-- friends and mentors all-- have agreed to blog with me on this site around these topics and more.In short, beginning this week, Redeeming Law is a group blog. We'll continue to explore the lawyer's calling, the relationship of faith and culture, and, from time to time, our cultural task in general. Same stuff, smarter writers, more conversation. I'm excited!

We will post more interesting and detailed bios on the "About Us" bar to the right, but I'll share the basic vital statistics right away:

Eric Enlow is Dean and Professor at Handong International Law School, a Christian law school in Pohang, South Korea. He teaches Christian Jurisprudence and Torts. He is a graduate of Yale University and Washington University School of Law. 

Myron Steeves is the Dean of Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, California, where he has served as a law professor since 1997. A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Dean Steeves has practiced in areas of general business, real estate and insurance coverage litigation, and currently advises non-profits, particularly churches. He frequently speaks on issues including the integration of faith and law, legal careers as tools for Christian ministry, law and public policy, and law and theology. 

C. Scott Pryor is Professor of Law at Regent University School of Law. He received his undergraduate training in philosophy at Dordt College, a JD at the University of Wisconsin, and an MA from Reformed Theological Seminary. Professor Pryor teaches first-year Contracts and upper-level courses on the UCC and Bankruptcy. 

This is going to be fun. Your comments are always welcome. 

More to come . . . 
Dean Steeves
Dean Enlow
Professor Pryor


  1. Excellent! Professor Pryor is usually my intellectual challenge of choice. Now, the challenge increases -let's see if an old guy can keep up!!! Rusty Boleman

  2. Thanks for following along, Rusty! I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I will, and please feel free to chime in. Mike