Sep 28, 2012

Read Pryor Thoughts -- Please!

I have been remiss, I think, in not recommending often enough one of my favorite blogs: Pryor Thoughts.

Professor Pryor always has something interesting to say-- and he says it succinctly, gives links for digging deeper, and provides enough commentary for the reader to know why it's important.

Today's post is a wonderful example.  Writing on the relationship of law and culture, he cites to Cass Sunstein, James Davison Hunter, two law review articles, a book, and some of his earlier commentary on the topic, a hyper-link to behavioral economics (upon which link a shall not click-- but you may, and that's my point).  A wealth of information and trails to follow.  By reading today's post, you have a semester's worth of thinking and reading to do on an extremely important topic.  His major point, as usual, is worth making, and I am a better thinker on the topic for having listened in on his thoughts.

Don't like law and culture? Try contract law, restaurant reviews, Indian legal policy, and the Regent University theater.  Or Inside Presbyterian Baseball, jury nullification, and bankruptcy law. My recent personal favorite was some ideas about the philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, John Calvin, and two kingdoms.

The point is, there is always something good and interesting coming from Pryor Thoughts.

Thanks, Scott!  Keep it up.  For the rest of you readers out there, do yourself a favor and follow Pryor Thoughts.

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