Jun 22, 2012

The Fortnight for Freedom - From Kim Colby

I want to welcome Kim Colby as my guest blogger for the next two weeks to help celebrate The Fortnight for Freedom.  

Kim is Senior Counsel at the Center for Law & Religious Freedom, where she has worked since graduating from Harvard Law School in 1981. She has represented religious groups in numerous appellate cases, including two cases that were heard in the United States Supreme Court.  She was involved in congressional passage of the Equal Access Act in 1984. With Kim's long history of service in the area of religious liberty, I thought it appropriate that she post for me during the Fortnight of Freedom. From Kim:

The Fortnight for Freedom begins today.   Please thank God that America has been a refuge for those seeking religious liberty for hundreds of years.  Specifically, thank God for the Supreme Court’s January decision protecting churches’ right to employ ministers without governmental interference (the Hosanna-Tabor case).   Please pray for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the unanimous opinion, and for his work on the Court.  (We will pray for each Justice in the coming days.)

The “Fortnight for Freedom” is a national campaign of teaching, witness, and prayer against the abortifacient and contraceptive mandate and in favor of religious freedom. -MS

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