Jan 5, 2012

Two New Books on Vocation

I had planned on posting reviews of these books as soon as I read them later this month, but there are some good reviews out there already, and I want to make sure you have these on your radar, even though I haven't started reading either of them.

Amy L. Sherman, Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good (IVP 2011).

Perhaps the best tip I can give is to send you to Steve Bishop's always excellent blog for his multi-part summary and review. He posted Part 2 today (this is what made me give up waiting and send you over to him . . . .). Part 1 was posted Tuesday, and his introduction and overview will help you decide if you need to get the book yourself.

If that isn't enough, here's Tom Grosh's encouragement to embrace Vocational Stewardship for the New Year.

Next in the stocking:

Again start with Steve Bishop's helpful review, then move on to his practical suggestions inspired by Nelson. Wonderful!

You might also enjoy the interview with Nelson about the book over at the Gospel Coalition and the short review from the Washington Institue for Faith, Vocation & Culture (do you know the Washington Institute, founded by Dr. Steven Garber? If not, you need to. Stop and go here.)

(Isn't the church a kick? You're getting encouraged in your vocation by a brother (Nelson) and sister (Sherman) who took the effort to write down their thoughts, through a guy who hasn't lifted a finger (yet) to read the books, who is encouraged to do so by another brother in the UK, whose reviews you are now reading . . . anyway, I enjoy being part of this mutual encouragement to use our gifts and resources to the glory of the kingdom).

I hope to add to the conversation as we move forward, and please let me know what you think of these books, and I'll post your thoughts (or you can, in the comments).

If you are looking for something on vocation that has a focus on and suggestions for lawyers, specifically, have a look at my Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession (IVP 2007). While I cite many of the same sources that Sherman and Nelson do, I think their practical suggestions-- and Sherman's stories of workers doing real kindgom work-- will be helpful in building on the theoretical framework I try to set for walking out the lawyer's calling in the study or practice of law. (To my delight, Steve Bishop included Redeeming Law on his Top Books of 2011 (!) list, and my friend Byron Borger at the important Hearts and Minds Books included it in one of his recommended gift lists! It's great to have friends).

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