Dec 12, 2011

Journal of Christian Legal Thought, Volume 1, No. 3

The electronic version of the Journal of Christian Legal Thought is out. Access it here.

In this issue, there is a full edition of Scott Pryor's excellent essay, The Law of Contracts: A Place to Start, which serves as a primer for anyone who desires to see human law better conform to the justice of God.

Professor Pryor begins by outlining briefly the contextual foundations of Love, Sin, and Justice, and the historical matrix of creation-fall-redemption-consummation. He then builds on those foundations by discussing four doctrines in the context of Contract law:

The Creator-Creature Distinction
The Covenantal Structure of Understanding
The Law of God

He concludes with three interpretive perspectives by which we might begin applying the parts of the law of contracts to the "whole" described by the four doctrines.

You will also find Kim Colby's regular column, Speaking of Religious Freedom, in which she discusses the assault on pluralism signaled by the situation at Vanderbilt University and the Bronx Household of Faith case.

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