Jul 7, 2011

The Christian Lawyer and Law Students and The Road

The latest edition of The Christian Lawyer magazine is out and available in full edition online.

My article, "Law Students on The Road" is featured on page 22. I attempt to apply lessons from Cormac McCarthy's novel to student groups gathering on campus.

Heres a tidbit:

Many law students are pressed and discouraged by their law school experience, and they form or join a CLS group to find encouragement, rest, and Christian friendship. While I am pleased that these groups exist to encourage harried and attacked students, they are by definition inwardly focused and miss out on so much of what a student fellowship can be.

Toward the end of
The Road, we figure out that it will be impossible for the father to transition from survival mode in order to attach to a community that can nurture and help his son begin to flourish as a human being. In our law school groups, there is a place for sheltering those who need to “simply survive.” It should never, however, be our main mission, and we should be committed to helping our group transition out of bunker mentality into witnessing community as quickly as possible.

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