Aug 29, 2010

Last Week's Odds 'n Ends for Law Students

Now that the first week of law school is behind (most of) you, here's a roundup of last week's counsel, advice, and news of interest for law students:

Two nice bits from Lawyerist: The first piece is for those starting their first year, and the (wise) counsel is basically "relax-- you'll adjust, just give it some time." The second is from last fall, and is a bit longer, but more broadly applicable: "Winning the Law School Mind Game." Read the whole thing.

From Above the Law: The "new" or revamped UMass College of law opens, and ATL gives its take in light of the economy and current discussions on the legal job market.

I link to, without comment, the latest WSJ Law Blog piece on the legal job market and the overblown "rage" of recent law grads. (Okay, so "overblown" is a comment).

From Slate: "Leaving BigLaw Behind" offers commentary on the trends (?) among those leaving BigLaw to hang out their own shingles or explore alternative ways to practice. (HT: ATL).

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