Apr 20, 2010

Reaction to Arguments in CLS v. Martinez

Some news and blogger reaction to yesterday's oral argument in CLS v. Martinez:
  • Some cogent analysis from beliefnet
  • Professor Steven Smith weighs in over at the Law, Religion, & Ethics blog, quoting some interesting commentary from gay rights advocate and law school dean Joan Howarth
  • From the SCOTUS blog: Big Decision on an Uncertain Record, and a summary of the main media stories
  • The Wall Street Journal has a piece that doesn't quite understand that it's not about funding
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1 comment:

  1. It is sad that this prominent article misrepresents this case. However, I like the way the CLS pointed out the double standard of the liberal justices. The liberal justices were quick to raise a counter hypothetical by asking the question "What if the belief was that black students are inferior?" CLS countered this example well by flipping the question back, so why did Sotomayor say, "Your group is not being excluded or ostracized completely. You can meet in the cafeteria, you can meet in open spaces in the school[?]" Can you imagine if the NAACP was barred from reserving school facilities and told they must meet in the cafeteria? The opposition from Hastings officials sounds like, only on a smaller scale, the situations that black students faced in the 1950's. This is frustrating.