Feb 8, 2010

"Irony-free Worldview"

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that has played a major and positive role in the lives of millions of young men and their families. It has been a big blessing to my own family, and I thought I'd write something about it today. But I can't say it any better than Joe Carter, who posts today over at FirstThoughts on the "Most Influential Conservative Book Ever Produced in America."

Carter says that the "earnest and irony-free worldview" of the Boy Scout Handbook is "naturally antithetical to the South Park-style mock-the-world moronity that pervades the culture." Like I said, I can't say it any better than Joe. Read the whole post.

May God continue to bless the Boy Scouts of America!

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  1. My brothers and I were fortunate to grow up in a town with an excellent troop, led by a retired Army colonel. My father, an assistant scoutmaster, gave up countless evenings and weekends to accompany us to troop meetings and on camping trips. Although I have tended to think of Scouting as a source of skills (building a fire, tying knots, etc.), your post reminds me that, more importantly, it's a source of conscience formation. Protecting the weak, serving the community, and trying to leave the world a better place (not to mention doing "a good turn daily") became part of my worldview thanks to Scouting.