Sep 19, 2009

The Twin Cities

I was encouraged this week by some good folks in Minnesota.  

It all started with dinner with a handful of lawyers who desire to mentor law students in a meaningful, faithful way.  The Minnesota CLS attorney chapter does important work with local lawyers and the poor and needy in the Cities, and they are hoping to make this another of their important initiatives.  

I spent Tuesday afternoon with some fantastic law professors and students at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, where the Christian Legal Society student chapter is hoping to be a part of the continuing building of spiritual community there.  

I enjoyed the hospitality of some colleagues and friends at St. Thomas.  I am grateful for Professor Rob Vischer's hospitality and wise counsel to students, and I look forward to his new book, due out next month, Conscience and the Common Good: Reclaiming the Space Between Person and State (Cambridge).   It was good to see Professor Susan Stabile, again, if just for a minute or two.  And I enjoyed being encouraged by Professor Teresas Collett and stories of her work in defense of human life and public reason. 

I spent Tuesday evening with a great group of lawyers and law students from the University of Minnesota and Hamiline Law, talking about the Lawyer's Calling and discussing ministry on campus.  I am impressed by their enthusiasm and mission-mindedness.

Finally, yesterday morning, I presented a CLE Seminar on Faith, Ethics, and the Practice of Law to a fun group of local attorneys.  Our discussion ranged from calling to integrity to duties surrounding client confidences.  It was a interesting group, and we had an edifying discussion.  

It's nice to return from a trip like this encouraged by how the Lord is using regular folks in extraordinary ways to do His work.  Great things are happening in the legal community in the Twin Cities! 

Thanks to Tom Pritchard and the Minnesota Family Council for making it possible for me to be there!

(I am however, still rooting for the Tigers in the pennant race.)

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