May 29, 2009

Summer Reading Program

Next week the Christian Legal Society's Law Student Ministries begins its Summer Reading Program. Think of it as an online book club. I'll be facilitating most of the discussion with the help of Dan Kim at LSM.

We suggest that participants begin reading June 1, but the discussion begins June 5, a week from today. The discussion will happen in the Cross & Gavel discussion forum, so sign up for the C&G Community (it takes about 20 seconds) to join. It's a short list, but here's what we'll be reading this summer:

Michael P. Schutt, Redeeming Law (InterVarsity 2007) (read the introduction and the first chapter online free at IVP)
Harold L. Berman, Law and Revolution (Harvard 1983)
Aquinas, Treatise on Law
J. Budziszewski, Natural Law for Lawyers (Blackstone 2006)

Go here for the full syllabus, complete schedule, and instructions. The more, the merrier!!

Also new this week at Cross & Gavel: C&G Audio, my weekly podcast. The first two episodes are online, and we hope to post a new one every Thursday.

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