Jan 30, 2008

Vision, Community, and Study

Continuing the discussion I started yesterday about the ABA Journal interview with Michael Melcher, author of The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic Professional Satisfaction (ABA 2007), I want to make a quick comment on a second question posed to him:

"What can young lawyers specifically do to assure a fulfilling long-term career?"

Leave aside for a second that the question is a bit over the top, and that he should have said, "Nobody can assure a fulfilling career, that's just crazy talk." But he gave a very good answer:
  1. Develop a long-term, compelling vision. [snip]
  2. Develop robust personal relationships both within law and outside of it, and put in the time to maintain them. [snip]
  3. Create a professional learning strategy. [snip]
Vision, community, and learning. I like it!

For the Christian lawyer, this means thinking Christianly about what it means to be a lawyer, and developing a theology of one's law practice. Secondly, it involves living out the lawyer's life within a diverse and robust community, including those that teach and challenge you, those that encourage and nurture you, and those whom you serve in short and long term commitments. Finally, it means a commitment to study the Scriptures and other resources with an eye toward learning from others (both in generation and those in the past) about what a faithful life in the law is all about.

Again, I haven't read Melcher's book, but I like the general direction in which he points.

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  1. I found it interesting that in order to have a fulfilling, long term career, Mr. Melcher suggests habits that can be applied for personal living as much or more than simply work strategies. The learning strategy could definitely apply to the workplace, but all three factors seem to go beyond. Fulfillment and contentment do not just depend on what type of work you're doing, but, as stated, on community, vision, and always learning.